SEC Risk Alert: 5 Things Not to Do, Advisers!

SEC Risk Alert - 5 Things Not to Do by Bettina Eckerle

Earlier this year, the SEC’s Office  of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE)…

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What is the Best Legal Structure for Your Start-Up?

Some of the questions I get asked by my start-up clients are…

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3 Essential Tasks for Founders Starting a Venture

Founders Starting a Venture

As I’ve written before, the race to opening your new venture is…

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Countdown To Launching Your Business: Key Legal Safety Checks

Countdown To Launching Your Business

In this post I aim to give you an overview of some…

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Cyber-Attacks, and the Seven Steps to Protect Your Advisory Business Against Them

Cyber-Attacks, and the Seven Steps to Protect Your Advisory Business

It sounds futuristic, or like CSI: Cyber, a sci-fi world of white…

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Think Before You Tweet: Top 5 Social Media Tips for Advisers

Social Media Tips for Advisers

So Apple announced its new iPhone 6 etc. about an hour ago…

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Protecting Your Start-Up’s Assets: The Non-Disclosure Agreement

For many start-ups, their greatest asset is a game-changing idea. To build…

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Selling Your Business: Acing Due Diligence

You put your company up for sale, potential buyers are lining up.…

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Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the Advisers Act

The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the Act) is the rulebook for…

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Regulation: The New Normal for Hedge Funds?

By all accounts, hedge funds are having a great year. According to…

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