Finding A Way.


My Mission

Eckerle Law is a corporate law firm. I started it to help companies in every stage of their life cycle, from formation to first round of financing to sale and IPO, and everything in-between and beyond. That’s my focus and my passion. With two decades of experience as the General Counsel for two market leaders in heavily regulated industries and as a lawyer at two of the top law firms in the country, I know both sides and can deal with the ins and outs of businesses with complex legal and business issues. It allows me to be the go-to person for all of your company’s legal needs. My mission is to give you a solid legal foundation, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

I formed Eckerle Law to take part in the momentous change happening in the market. I am totally energized by the times we live in,

the surge of entrepeneurs creating the future,
the crowdfunding phenomenon that will revolutionize the securities laws as we know it,
technology making quantum leaps,
social media which allows everyone to reach greater audiences and spread information faster—and connect.

I believe in working with like minds. Here are some of my other believes:

I believe we live in unprecedented times for business
I believe the world needs visionaries
I believe that quality trumps quantity
I believe in respect and random acts of kindness
I believe that passion is infectious
I believe that positivity is the new black
I believe that power is overrated and irreverence a virtue
I believe there is a Sir Edmund Hillary in all of us and everything is possible
I believe that the will moves mountains

Let’s get started.