Skiing. Meet Chris Anthony, Big-Mountain Skier

Meet Chris Anthony, big-mountain skier extraordinaire, Warren-Miller-movie star, Vail native, SERIOUSLY NICE guy and one of my Vail heroes. It’s his newest video “In Search for Powder.”

What is it about skiing? No idea. To me, it is the GREATEST thing in the world EVER. There is nothing better than a foot or two of powder in the back bowls, preferably Emperor’s Choice or Sweet & Sour. You know what, I take three inches.

And the story?  Moved to Colorado for a gig/ started skiing again after 30 years after a bet/ fell in with the wrong crowd — racers, instructors, Austrians, Bavarians. God bless you, Waldi.  The rest is history. This winter, though, there’s only work no play. So I ski vicariously.  Like when I watch this clip.  Still gives me the thrill.  Wish I were there. Have a great weekend.

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