New Survey Suggests Advisers Are Closely Watching Presidential Election

Equity fund lawyer New York CityAre advisers more afraid of an Obama second term or Congress? According to the Q1 2012 Brinker Barometer, White House worries come out on top. The Obama reelection was listed as the top concern for 70% of advisers.

The survey was conducted by Brinker Capital in May 2012 and is based on the response from 442 financial advisers.

Additional findings:

  • A meager 8% of advisers listed a divided Congress as their biggest concern, followed by  “Romney in the White House” (5%), and a “growing Tea Party influence” (4%).
  • As to Mr. Romney’s running mate, Senator Marco Rubio was the number one pick (36%) with a distant second Gov. Chris Christie (18%), followed by Gov. Jeb Bush (11%), and Senator Rob Portman.
  • On a positive note:  on the issue as to how well their clients are faring financially compared to this time last year, 51% reported “better” and 46% responded “the same.”
  • As to market performance, 47% said that it performed “in line” with their expectations at this time last year and 43% noting it was “better.” Just 11% said it was “worse.”

Clearly the upcoming presidential election is the primary focus of the respondents, with a majority indicating that a change of guard is the better bet for an economic fix.

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