Cycle for Survival

Bettina Eckerle Cycle for survivalThis is a bit out of scope for my blog, but I needed to share. In March, I will be participating in Cycle for Survival, an indoor cycling event to raise crucial funds for rare cancer research, and I am very excited about it.

Cycle for Survival is an official Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center event and is one of the fastest growing fundraising events in the world. It has raised more than $17 million to date, directly funding clinical trials and research studies at MSKCC, and bringing new hope to countless lives touched by rare cancer worldwide.

Cycling events will be held across the country—from Connecticut to California—in February and March. I will be riding in New York City on March 2 with one of the best spinning instructors in the city!

I invite you, my loyal followers, to donate/sponsor me. Every dollar will be used to fight rare cancers, including brain, stomach, pediatric, and pancreatic cancers. For information about how to go about it, please write me, or visit the Cycle for Survival donation website and donate directly.

Whenever I think about the ways cancer has touched me and my loved ones in the last year, I am immensely grateful for us all to be alive in a time where a new breakthrough seems to happen every day. Join the Battle.

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